Live streaming of events to anywhere in the world.

Gold Coast
Brisbane,Melbourne and Perth
My name is Alan,I have 20 years video experience.I have worked in South Africa as a TV News Cameraman.I have extensive experience in all avenues of video production and will create a video that you will be proud to show your clients and family.
I am very excited to add LIVE STREAMING as part of our business and look forward to discussing how this new technology can help your business grow.
The posibilities for live streaming are endless, we can live stream any event from either the Gold Coast or Brisbane to anywhere in the world.We cover conferences,
product launches,real estate auctions,funerals,weddings,business meetings,social events,fashion shows,auctions etc..

With Live streaming you can pause live tv,rewind,watch it over and over,never miss an event,watch on your laptop,phone,computer and smart tv.
Very easy to use just click on the link we provide.

 Video House offers a professional video at affordable prices.

Conferences from $100 per hour ( Live streamed )
Weddings from $250
Funerals $300( Live streamed )

We have experience in the following areas:

Corporate Videos,Conferences,Weddings,Real Estate,Promotional videos,Facebook videos,Website videos,Talking business card videos,Funerals.
Conferences​ etc...
Please  call me to discuss your requirements.

or call
0404 166 999

Live streaming of events to anywhere in the world.